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The following packages provide a short description and preview into what each level of management we offer entails. For more information and to setup a consultation please email info@high5em.com

All In – Allow us to put your idea into action. This level of management is very much hands off; with our management team in control of making every detail come to fruition from a logistical standpoint, this allows you time to focus on the fun and exciting parts of any event.

Tag Team – If you aren’t willing to lose complete control, but know you don’t have the time, resources, or money to invest in your event idea this may be the perfect management opportunity. Our management team will work with you hand and hand to help alleviate a lot of the rudimentary leg work that is required for your event. Leaving you responsible for all of the aspects you wish to spearhead. This is a great opportunity to control your event from start to finish, but have assistance with items that you would rather leave off your check list.

Big Day – You’ve done all the work from setting up registration, filing permits, marketing, and recruiting volunteers; however, you realize you still need x, y and z or need more help with setup/breakdown on event day…this is the management package for you.

Huddle – You have this great idea! All of the resources, people, time, energy and money to make it happen; however, have no idea where to start. Give us the opportunity to help guide you in the right direction. We guarantee after 90 minutes with our team your event will be “off to the races.”